Third Year Site Visit


Table of Contents

  1. Logistics
  2. Agenda
  3. Detailed Interview Schedule
  4. Program Overview
       a. Theory of Change
       b. Target Departments
       c. Dual Career Informal Poll Data
       d. Logic Models
       e. Organizational chart of ADVANCE-Nebraska
       f. Key Personnel: co-PI's, Internal Advisory Board, Faculty Executive Committee, Evaluation team, External Advisory Board
       g. Organizational Chart for UNL
  5. Presentation
  6. Demographic data for UNL (includes a. through e.)
       a. UNL Applicant pool data, 2007-2009, with NSF comparison data
       b. UNL STEM faculty by gender and rank
       c. UNL STEM non tenure-track faculty by gender and rank
       d. New Hires
       e. Women in leadership positions
       f. Tenure and Tenure-Track Faculty by Race and Gender, 2009
  7. Program: Activities
       a. Dual Career Program
           - Dual Career Procedures
           - Letter to Short List Candidates
       b. Recruit's Best Practices
       c. Chancellor's Award
       d. Calendar of Events
       e. Sample Advance E-News
       f. Work Life Balance Brochure
  8. Climate and Network Survey data
       a. Perceptions of Climate and Connectivity Among UNL STEM Faculty - Insights from STEM faculty at UNL from 2008
       b. Highlights of Research Findings on Faculty Networks, Climate, and Organizational Commitment Coordinated
  9. Evaluation Plan
       a. Evaluation Plan
       b. Evaluation Summary
       c. Faculty Involvement
       d. Results of Dual Career program
       e. Results of Conversation series
  10. Current Budget, Budget revisions and Justification
  11. Executive Summary of annual reports
       a. 2008-2009
       b. 2009-2010


  1. Annual Report, 2008-09
  2. Annual Report, 2009-10
  3. Program Solicitation
  4. Proposal
  5. Letters of Support for Proposal
  6. Proposal Clarifications (additional correspondence prior to funding)
  7. ADVANCE Proposal Reviews
  8. Falci Poster
  9. External Advisory Board Report
  10. External Evaluator Reports
  11. 6-Page Report to NSF and the Site Visit Team


Visiting Information

Shuttle Service

  • Wednesday, March 9th
    Shuttle pickup: 8:15am
    Shuttle return: 5:40pm
  • Thursday, March 10th
    Shuttle pickup: 8:15am
    Shuttle return: 1:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:00pm