Showcase Visits

ADVANCE-NE invites target STEM departments to apply for funds to bring female scholars to campus as speakers whom they feel have the potential to be future candidates for openings in STEM fields and whom they would like to introduce to our campus. ADVANCE-NE will pay travel expenses for the visit up to $2,000. Funds are intended to support a visitor who gives a talk within the sponsoring department, preferably in a seminar or colloquium series. We encourage a department or team within a department to nominate possible visitors and provide us information about each nominee. Application forms for this visitor program are available below.

Submit the ADVANCE-NE Showcase Visit/Visiting Speaker Request application form.

For NSF annual reporting, departments will submit the ADVANCE-NE Showcase Visit Reporting Form on how the funds were spent.

2012 Showcase Visits

Don’t Ask - Don’t Get:  Women and Negotiation

Research shows that women are far less inclined than men to ask for things that they need in the workplace.  And once they do ask, they often feel guilty and/or fail to negotiate in a productive manner – instead,
often accepting an offer that is far from their desired goal. In this mini-workshop we will discuss the
fundamentals of negotiation including identifying why negotiation is important, what issues are
and aren’t negotiable, the steps towards a reaching a final agreement, tactics useful for difficult
negotiations and identifying when to end the negotiation. The topics to be discussed are a subset of the material covered in our COACh2 workshops.  *

Geri Richmond
Richard M. and Patricia H. Noyes Professor of Chemistry
Founder and Chair of COACh*
University of Oregon

When:  Friday, January 20th
Noon - 12:15pm:   buffet lunch
12:15pm:  Talk will begin
Where:  UNL City Campus Union