Network Analysis

network mapThe UNL ADVANCE-Nebraska program has a research component as part of their cooperative agreement that focuses on Network Analysis.  Network analysis will advance basic understanding of the organizational structures influencing promotion and retention of women in STEM departments. Network Analysis is the statistical analysis of data to identify network structure. Network Structure is the pattern of ties among individuals in a network.  The structure of a network will reveal who is connected to whom, to what degree and in what capacity. We can distinguish faculty who are well connected from those who are more isolated. We can also identify the overall level of connectedness of an entire department. Network Mapping is a survey instrument that queries each faculty member on the presence and strength of a connection to other faculty members. We will examine three types of network connections and the strength of these connections: 1) research collaborations on publications and grants, 2) informal mentoring, such as teaching advice and reading research manuscripts, and 3) social connections, such as sharing meals. For more information click on the links below:

Presentation to UNL Faculty - September 17th, 2009
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Poster Presentation at NSF Advance PI Meeting - October 30, 2009
Networks and Climate Perceptions:  Marginalizations By Gender and Race

Perceptions of Climate and Connectivity Among UNL Faculty Presentations - Feb 22, 2010
Perceptions of Climate and Connectivity Among UNL STEM Faculty
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Perceptions of Climate and Connectivity Among UNL Faculty Part 2 - April 19,2010
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