Best Practices for Recruiting

flagsAmerica’s future prosperity requires talented men and women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln endorses the vital goal of recruiting, retaining, and promoting more women in STEM fields because:

• To grow Nebraska’s economy and compete for talented workers, UNL must support all potential and existing employees.
• Having women faculty attracts more women students into STEM fields.
• A competitive UNL creates a workplace that welcomes and supports all potential faculty regardless of gender.
• National funding agencies require and reward diverse research teams and efforts to reach diverse student and general populations.
• The quality of research and creative solutions are enriched by diverse views, perspectives, and critical analyses.

Best Practices Recruiting Guide for UNL

Sample: Informal Recruiting Letters
Sample:  Formal Recruiting Letter



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WISELI booklet


“The fact that women are capable of contributing to the nation’s scientific and
engineering enterprise but are impeded in doing so because of gender and racial/ethnic
bias and outmoded ‘rules’ governing academic success is deeply troubling and
embarrassing. It is also a call to action. Faculty, university leaders…must unite to ensure that all of our nation’s people are welcomed and encouraged to excel in science and engineering in our research universities. Our nation’s future depends on it.” Committee on Maximizing the Potential of Women in Academic Science and Engineering. 2006.
Beyond Bias and Barriers: Fulfilling the Potential of Women in Academic Science and
Engineering. Washington DC: National Academies Press.