ADVANCE-Nebraska (2008-2013) was a successful Institutional Transformation Grant from NSF. The ADVANCE-Nebraska program has now become institutionalized at UNL through the Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Office.

Noteworthy achievements of the Advance NE project include:
    • Appointment of 13 dual career partners, leading to the successful recruitment of women in STEM fields, the campus – both administrators and faculty – have become aware of the importance of addressing dual careers as a critical factor in successful faculty recruitment.
    • Lessons learned from ADVANCE will contribute to UNL’s continuing commitment to positively promote dual career hiring.
    • The ADVANCE faculty committee identified best practices to recruit and retain our best faculty and to promote a positive climate for all.
    • ADVANCE supported innovative research, applying network analysis to STEM departments, and that research continues and has generated interest among other universities interested in identifying factors that impact faculty retention.

We want to acknowledge and thank all of you who participated in the programs and events that took place during the project.


...Advancing Women, Advancing STEM

America’s future prosperity requires talented men and women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln endorses the vital goal of recruiting, retaining, and promoting more women in STEM fields because:

  • To grow Nebraska’s economy and compete for talented workers, UNL must support all potential and existing employees.
  • Having women faculty attracts more women students into STEM fields.
  • A competitive UNL creates a workplace that welcomes and supports all potential faculty regardless of gender.
  • National funding agencies require and reward diverse research teams and efforts to reach diverse student and general populations.
  • The quality of research and creative solutions are enriched by diverse views, perspectives, and critical analyses.